Sons of Liberty Via Reality: Will Journalists and Bloggers Tread on Themselves?

44th US President Barack Obama signed a $787 billion dollar stimulus package with broadband in mind. After the 2009 news that the FBI is trying to hire the largest scale of employees in FBI history, one must stop and think just why. What “changes” will broadband face? National Business News shares of Obama wanting to create an easier way for doctors to gather information to cross over red tape along with internet use for all children. Sure, this may create more jobs and keep America ahead of other countries, but what does this mean for journalists and bloggers? They may either be monitored or regulated over content produced, that remains to be seen. As for children having a daily use of internet, have you asked your child to do a math problem by using memory rather than through technology? Connecting the dots, dashes…and dots.

The FBI is in the midst of hiring the most employees since it’s creation. The feds would gain control over much issues and situations surrounding America with this kind of pull. Would the FBI have something to say about investigating journalists or bloggers over their reports masked in opinion? Probably not since they are as quiet as a whisper, as many scratch their head wondering if they should be paranoid. Since Obama never truly focused on the US borders after danger has been foreseen in the future, do you really think he’s going to care to swipe your ISP connection if you bash his character online, even when it is an opinion? He will keep all of the new feds busy on the look out for terrorist connections, but also it is my opinion that the government will monitor the journalism and blogging use of the internet. The internet can be a form of propaganda tool for the re-election of Obama and “shedding false light” can become beneficial to Obama as well. Remember, most only know as much as they read. That’s why journalists and bloggers need to keep it real and grounded without going out of bounds.

Change.Gov page it is shared that MPAA insists that ISP filters should be removed after three strikes on copyright infringement has been concluded, but what is the catch most do not see? Perhaps other countries has this three strike rule, but the reports are coming in that some of the claims are bogus without proof. Meaning that they can just call you a bunny when you are duck, just like that *. With the new rules noticed of Facebook’s ownership of content, perhaps Facebook is taking responsibility for passing information since they might be held accountable for the content that comes through, and not only the user. They have gained control over whether they can continue an account, but this has already been enforced once a user agreed to their agreement. As for the three strike your out, it has only been encouraged and not yet imposed outside of regular base internet companies.

As for journalists and bloggers across America, the Sons of Liberty has taught us to not give into the eyes of outside control, for we are the people that can still make a difference. If Big Ben did not give birth to the encouragements of the American Guesser, would some journalists or bloggers still be where they are today? It’s all American baby, and united we stand as devided we fall. When it comes to this great internet highway, would we allow a king to tax our land, break our informative bones, or tread on the very opinions that are protected by the US constitution? Not I. The difference between freedom of speech and crossing the lines is found in slander. Once you slander you take a stripe off of your own flag.

There are some things that journalists and bloggers can do to remain in the open view or this internet world. First, watch out for copyright infringement. Learn to take your own shots instead of copying photos, even if you wish to distort the photo to make it your own. It’s still theirs. Second, be honest but not foul mouthed or falsely approaching in slander. This just screams, “I have an issue and should seek anger management”. That is going to be a red flag. It’s OK to state an opinion of Barack Obama such as “I particularly think that Barack Obama is gutting out America from the inside”. “In my opinion” is a powerful statement and can be used in most situations as a form of personal right in opinion. However be honest to your good willed desire to share your responsible voice and you may never have to worry about being kicked offline or investigated. Some call it full censorship, but as long as you can get your word across, little censorship has been met. Let’s use it, not abuse it.

I have traveled online and seen such angered ideas openly to the extent of disrespect. Those types of journalists and bloggers create a whirlpool of knowledge mixed with tasteless ideas. As American journalists and bloggers should make others aware of the events unfolding around them, they shouldn’t try to create another reason to keep therapists in business. That’s not the kind of stimulus this country needs. If there would ever be an internet revolution, I would rather join those that understand the words diplomatic reality rather than inner rage to the point of self-internet-destruction. The beauty of America is the freedom of choice. I choose to allow my children to understand the internet, but “race” them daily through math problems by mind rather than computer. When the electric in this world goes down, my kids are going to be able to make sense of it. As for being a content producer, a website owner, web designer and producer, blogger, writer and off-line poet, I will keep it real, I will keep my freedoms going by having a little respect in my works for the sake of myself and others. For the creative journalists and bloggers whom wish to form waves to gather better views, be”a”ware, be very aware of the world you paint. You may be held accountable for it.
Sons of Liberty Via Reality: Will Journalists and Bloggers Tread on Themselves?
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Starting an E-Commerce Web Site

Everyone would love to get rich online. Perhaps you are one of the many individuals considering opening your own e-commerce site but you don’t know what you can sell. There are many questions you will need to answer before you decide. The purpose of this article is to help you whittle away at the many options available to determine what products are best to sell online.
The first step to product selection is to survey online competition. If you have a product or service in mind, go online and search for that product. See how many sites are already selling that product. I can tell you right now, that, while electronics are hot, there is a lot of competition out there. Take notes on how many sites are competing for the keywords you just searched for to determine if you can fit in somewhere. The best place to be in online is a niche market.

There are many people successfully selling items in niches, they are focused on one product for example and just do that one thing really well. This works particularly well if your product has demand online. If your product has no online demand, you should not consider trying to sell it online. It will be very difficult to market it and to make money. To determine if your product is being searched for, you can use Google’s external keyword tool at

Offline competition should be surveyed as well. If you can find your product easily at a local retailer, you may not be able to compete on price or easy availability. Remember, you are competing with all retailers. Many people research products online and still purchase offline. A common product will be difficult to market and advertising against established stores is often difficult and expensive.

Price is very important. Many people who are starting a business select a product with a low price point. If you have a niche market and you are selling one product at $20 each, your average sale will actually be pretty much $20. This might be ok if you aren’t advertising and your costs are very low. But if your product price is high and your advertising is high and the chance of repeat customers is low or the purchase cycle is too long, you will most likely not make much money.

If you have a niche site selling one item, that item should have very little competition online or offline and the price of that item should be as high as possible. But, if you want a dollar amount, I would say $100 per item is the lowest. I say this because a certain percentage of visitors will buy something no matter what, and it might be only 1% to begin with. By the time you pay for the product and advertising online, you will still have something left over for yourself.

In essence, to do well online, you will need to locate a product that you purchase for a decent price and sell for a much higher price, has little online and offline competition, and has a high enough price that sales can help pay for advertising and other costs. If the product is something that a person might only purchase once, your price should be higher to succeed because you will need to find new customers constantly. Besides all of this, you better love your product, because you will spend a lot of time with an e-commerce site. But, if you make it, you can be one of the many people who thrive in online business.

Starting an E-Commerce Web Site
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Small Change Makes Big Bucks

I own an insurance agency in Northern Nevada and we write auto, home, life and health insurance. As you might expect, my wife has her auto insurance through our agency. Most people laugh when I tell them where she gets the money to pay her premium.

So you too can laugh I’ll spill the beans upfront. She saves the change she receives from her purchases as well as the change I bring home. By change I mean the coins and not the one dollar bills.

This adds spice to the story because she isn’t putting aside the dollar bills, only the coins.

She also pays her premium semi-annually which means she pays less than if she paid monthly because she doesn’t have any monthly transaction or policy fees added into her payment. As of this writing, her semi-annual premium is $186.

Over the course of six months she makes sure every nickel, dime, penny and quarter finds a home in her change purse. I marvel at her commitment. It wasn’t that long ago that she would simply write a check to pay the premium. Then one day, a light bulb came on when she saw how much change I put on the dresser next to my wallet.

She walked over and counted it and asked what I was going to do with the coins. Tongue in cheek I said spend it. She said great idea, we’ll spend it on my auto insurance.

I looked at her and asked if she was serious. Without blinking her eyes, she said you better believe it and so began the coin collecting odyssey. She reasoned out loud that saving the small change we get each day could amount to enough to pay her premium. This way she wouldn’t have to take the money out of her checking account.

I know most of us have been told that saving change is one way to have more money to pay bills or increase savings or, in general, have to use on purchases in the future. I am living proof that one person has taken this advice to heart. She hasn’t missed collecting enough to make her payment in over two years.

I also know this sounds silly to some people but, silly or not, it also works if you are willing to work it. My wife hasn’t set the world on fire with any other great money saving ideas or financial management techniques. She is totally happy with the small change turning into big bucks.

My plan is to put her mind working on ways we can pay off the mortgage early. After all, if she can pay her auto premium with small change, she should be able to conjure up a way to pay the mortgage with some of our other household income.

I probably should throw down a challenge to everyone reading this article to find out what they do with their change. Who knows, maybe colelctively we can turn small change into big bucks on a grand scale.
Small Change Makes Big Bucks
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