Stone blocks have several advantages and applications, including the paving of sidewalks, streets and even patios. In this text, we have separated some of the main advantages of having paving blocks in your garden. The Tänavakivi paigaldus hind is very nominal. All you need is hiring an affordable and professional paving company.

RESISTANCE is very good

Paved stone blocks for gardening provide unique resistance when compared to concrete and asphalt floors. It ends up being an important factor due to the high traffic of people. Because of this quality, it has been more requested by engineers and architects. 


One of the main advantages of interlocking paving is its practical installation. The blocks are laid on a layer of sand, in addition to not needing any tools, special machinery or skilled labor.

THERMAL resistance

Besides providing an excellent aesthetic, the blocks absorb light, which makes this type of material an excellent alternative for those looking for a pleasant climate. Because of this factor, it is extremely used in places such as squares, parks, etc.

SAFETY is a priority

For those looking for a non-slip material that provides maximum safety in places like park or indoor garden, paving blocks become a perfect choice. 

DRAINAGE capacity is a factor

An interesting differential of paving blocks for concrete blocks is the capacity that this material offers in water drainage. It has gaps, allowing water to be absorbed by the earth, ensuring drainage that is more effective.

In the end

Know that if you hire a professional paving company, you will find the most complete when it comes to paving blocks. They have an excellent infrastructure and excellent quality products. They will be delighted to serve you and offer the most complete in this sector. The pavements are prepared for easy cleaning. If you need a paving installation service or want to buy a stone, get in touch!

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