Which equipment to use for clearing roads?

Clearing the streets after an accident or any kind of mishap is an essential task to perform. In such cases, towing services can be of vital importance. Here are the different kinds of trucks that are opted for cleaning the road with commercial towing services these days.

  • Boom trucks are one of the most commonly found trucks for such tasks. These include a movable blast winch which can help to load the vehicle that has met with an accident. If the car is stuck in a discard, then the blast winch will be dismantling it completely first.
  • Hook and chain trucks or also known as the “sling” or “belt lift” trucks are also used for such purposes. These are circled around any pivot along with a boom truck to tow the concerned car. It can easily demolish any of the vehicles and clear the road for use again.
  • Wheel lifts are also used to clear roads. These are an advanced form of snare and chain auto towing because they use a huge amount of metal burden. It is also known as the “exhibition lift” because they completely look like a couple of squared sunglasses.

  • Flatbed trucks come with a level surface or bed which uses pressurized water slopes and can be brought down to the ground in order to winch or drive the car for the expulsion from the area. This particular method is also known as a rollback or a slide.

So, here are the different equipment which you can use in order to clear roads in case of an accident or any mishap that has happened. Visit and check out the best towing service in town right now.