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3 Differences That A Person Generally Find Between The Craft And Mass Produced Beer

When a person visits a bar, they will see two different types of beers. The first one is the mass-produced bottles provided under the name of some brand and produced in bulk. The other one is craft beer. Some people are always in a frame of mind that the difference is between both types of beers?

The difference 

If we talk about the difference between craft beer and the regular brew, you will always feel three fundamental differences. They are:-

  • The first one is the difference in appearance. When you will hold both the beers and start noticing them, then the color of the mass-produced one is pale to watery yellow. Moreover, the foam on the head of the beer is not so long-lasting, and on the other hand, the color of the craft beer has plenty of colors on the type of brewing, and the foam doesn’t fade away even after a couple of hours.

  • The second difference is the taste. There is a bland taste of the mass-produced beer, and a person cannot get any variety quickly as most of the producers use the same technique and recipe to make the beer. But there are many tastes available in the craft beer, depending on the batch. Also, they are served between 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The final difference that every person will see in the mass-produced and craft beer is the production. Mass production is done from the generally cheaper materials, but in craft beer, the materials poured are of high quality. They never come up with any cost-cutting solutions as craft beer’s primary purpose is to deliver the best taste.

These are the differences that are most prevalent in craft beer and the mass produced beer. Those who are in love with beer and want something fresh should always opt for craft beer.