Unique Tips To Win A Kolkata Fatafat Game!!

Kolkata fatafat is a game of gambling or called Satta Matka. It is the traditional gambling games mostly played in the regions of Kolkata. Many people are the biggest winners of the competition, and they are helping others by teaching those tips and tricks. Suppose one is ready to learn all the information, it’s beneficial for them to create a large amount in lakh per month. If you want to earn the same by the directions then you have to read all the information very carefully:

Prepare in advance

Many gamblers are not prepared in advance, and they play the games significantly faster than the other gamblers without any guidance. They are not ready, and they don’t have a strategy to win the game. But if someone wants to win and saw the result on kolkata ff result, they have to be prepared in advance. 

Advance prediction

It’s useful to pre4dict in advance if you know the game very well. The expert players should see the numbers and predict the various winning chances. Every expert gambler can give some tips to the new o0nes to win the game with more scores and win the game with a considerable amount. 

Perfect bet on perfect timing

Many gamblers don’t place a bet on the ideal or right timing, leading them to a situation of loss. It’s better to find the right time with the help of experience. If you place a bet at the right time, then you will likely win a chance with greater profits. 


Gambling is straightforward to do with tips and tricks. Almost every gambler tries to play a considerable stake, but it’s their luck that they will get the bet amount or not. If you are the one that wants to try their luck in gambling, then you have to follow the tricks mentioned above in Kolkata fatafat bets.  


Will Pokemon Go Ever Get Back Its Monster Tracker

Pokémon GO! has seen a bit of a drop-off in users lately, mainly because the developers at Niantic felt it was easier to disable the game’s monster tracker rather than fix it. But this has become a problem since most players now have trouble locating monsters, nor utilizing an in-game map to help them get around.

Niantic has been promising for some time that the monster tracker would be fixed and reactivated. And while it was activated in the San Francisco area, the publisher of the hit mobile game doesn’t currently have plans to introduce it nationwide – at least, not yet. Which is why players are also getting more interested in different Pokemon go accounts for sale that save them from the hassle of catching pokemon.

Speaking with Polygon, a Niantic representative explained, “Niantic is still testing a new type of tracking that’s geo-locked to San Francisco. At this moment, there is no estimated timeline to potentially rolling it out wider.”

A lot of players have already threatened to leave Pokémon GO! behind if the in-game map doesn’t return anytime soon, since it’s making it more difficult to hunt down creatures in the game. And without the support of third-party mapping sites (like PokeVision) to help, players are pretty much stuck in the dark.

In fact, one of these third-party creators, one that created FastPokeMap, noted that Niantic that the game is due for a fall of the features don’t come back. “Don’t be surprised if your userbase is tanking and don’t be surprised about the huge backlash from the community,” he noted. “Don’t be another (Hello Games). Listen to your community and open the API. You can still save Pokémon GO!.”

Only time will tell, but here’s hoping Niantic has some big plans in store, before Pokémon GO! comes to a grinding halt.


Pokémon Go Boosting Singapore Tourism Even In Pandemic 2020

The global spread of the Covid-19 brought every commercial activity and social movement to a standstill. Tourist attraction places like Singapore faced a downfall in revenue collection due to the sudden travel ban. The need and motive were to bring alternative ways for invoking life into the economy rendered dull by the pandemic. It was a smart move to club Singaporean business with Pokémon Go that ensured social distancing and revenue generation at the same time.

About the game’s launch

The passionate gamers were amazed and eager to experience the blend of the real and the virtual world of their beloved Pokémon. John Hanke, the developer of Pokémon Go did not want to restrict the game to any geographical boundaries. With time, the game marked an unbeatable international presence. The local people went gaga when Pokémon Go launched in Singapore on August 6, 2016. Since then the craze for the game has not dropped.

About the support campaign

The March 23, 2020 travel restriction affected Singapore tourism negatively but the SingapoRediscovers campaign brought some relief. The campaign was initiated by the local government to boost domestic tourism and support the local lifestyle. One major step was taken recently by partnering with the famous Pokémon Go which is said to have gained the seventhhighest global mobile game revenue in May 2020.

About the recent collaboration

The game is being played crazily by the citizens over the years and now the announcement of its collaboration with Singapore tourism has added more excitement. The STB or the Singapore Tourism Board has partnered up with Niantic, the developing company of Pokémon Go and the AR technology. Many new Pokéstops and Gyms are created at the attractive tourist spots that may encourage the players to visit the place.

The state’s collaboration with the crowd-pleasing game Pokémon Go has revived Singapore tourism hopes. It is hoped that this linkup would help the local business of tour and travel. One may become a part of the campaign by buying expert level accounts at


Pros And Cons Of Buying A Table Made With Lego Blocks

If something has a lot of advantages, it would probably bring some disadvantages with it too. Lego tables are widely used by its fans and by some parents who want their children to have many learning outcomes. 

Let’s talk about the pros of Lego tables:

Unique looking:

These Lego tables can’t be found in every household. They look so different and alluring, so if you want to give a different look to your house, these are best for you. 


There are a lot of types of these Lego tables. You can buy any table according to your need and purpose. You can keep a Lego table in your dining or living room according to its look, and you can also keep it in your kid’s craft room for making it look different.

Best storage:

Lego tables have an adequate storage capacity. If you are keeping such a table in a kid’s room, it would be easy for them to keep everything in this table’s cabinets. You can also use this table in your living room because so many tables have a sliding top. You can use it for storing anything, and it also keeps the mess away.

Now it’s time to take a look at cons,

  • When we talk about the cons of such tables, the thing that comes to mind is these Lego blocks can be dangerous id swallowed by a kid. Kids are so curious, and they tend to put everything in their mouths. It can be severely hazardous if they put any small piece in their mouth. 
  • Another con is, some kids get bored quickly, and this lego building table doesn’t come cheap. They can turn out to be a waste if your kid gets bored quickly.

To sum up, Lego tables are generally a good investment if you buy one that is multi-purpose and chic at the same time.