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Be Cool: Shine Your Shades

Do you see the world through rose-colored glasses? Or just dirt-colored ones? There’s no point in having fine sunglasses if they’re going to look all finger-printy, so of course you want to keep them clean. There’s a right way and plenty of wrong ways, and we’re here to help you see the light. The Right Tools

Before you even start wiping, pick a microfiber lens cloth made for sunglasses. Even the best designer sunglasses can be scratched. Specially made micro-fiber lens wipes caress your glass or plastic with a soft touch to give you a cool, reflective shine. At the least, use a very soft cotton cloth. Anything else risks dulling the finish you paid so much for. No scraping crud with fingernails, not even fingertips – they’re rougher than you realize. Don’t trust facial tissues; some are made with surprisingly abrasive synthetic fibers. Great for your nose, not so great for your eyes. Window cleaner seems like it would be helpful – it’s meant for glass, right? The bad surprise: most glass cleaners contain ammonia. That’s great for outdoor windows, but use it on your sunglasses and everyone will ask you why you’re crying. There are sprays meant for eyeglasses only, or you can use any lens cleaner. Camera shops carry it cheap. They carry great lens tissues too, in convenient little packets. Perfect!

The Right Moves

Now that you have the tools, you need the technique. The best way to hold sunglasses is by the nose bridge. It’s the strongest part, and it is least crucial to your alignment. Holding the outside frame puts pressure on the hinges, which are fragile and can bend easily. For the same reason, when putting sunglasses on or taking them off, hold both sides of the frame. (Yes, it looks cool to whip them on and off with one hand, but it doesn’t look so cool if they sit crooked on your face.) And of course you don’t want to hold the lens itself, especially if you just finished eating a peanut-butter sandwich.

Once your lenses look clean, keep buffing a little longer. Removing that last tiny bit of moisture gives your lenses a brilliant shine. When your glasses gleam, so do you.

Once the cleaning process is complete, they will resemble Gascan lens that have become hard to find these days while the buffing does tend to get on the nerve at times but the shine does make you look different and so much so that you become the cynosure of all eyes, which is how the ladies would notice you in a manner that most boys are willing to do anything.

Sunglasses are best stored in their original sunglass case. If the wrong cloth can scratch your lenses, imagine what your car keys or fountain pen will do. The sunglass case also protects them from being sat on, which is the number one killer of sunglasses. If it’s inconvenient to use your case, consider a lanyard cord or sunglass strap around your neck. It keeps them safe and handy, and although it’s not always the most fashionable accessory, neither is a scratched up pair of shades.

Don’t put them on top of your head. Thanks to your big brain, your head is larger up there, and will stretch out your frames. Besides, it’s hard to see through all that styling gel.

It’s simple to keep an eye on your sunglasses. Learn to hold them properly, get a good polish cloth, and watch where you sit. Do that, and your future is bright.

Shopping and Product Reviews

Dixon Rx Sports Glasses – What are the unique features?

Dixon prescription sports eyewear is stylish and versatile, and represents great value for money. The range includes direct glazed and Rx insert sunglasses and goggles with interchangeable tinted lenses. We recommend that all sports eyewear is assessed for suitability for your prescription by a qualified optician before you get lenses made for them. See Buying prescription sports eyewear Dixon TAC-RX sunglasses / goggles Dixon TAC-RX are direct glazed sports glasses that can also be worn as goggles with a headband. Removable foam gasket creates windproof seal around eyes. Features Direct glazed anti-fog polycarbonate lenses. The lenses of the rb 4147 screw are unique and different when compared to the other sunglasses. The people in the sports are wearing the shades for the protection from heat and wind. The selection of the best brand is there for the protection of the eyes. The use of the right skills is there in the buying of the sunglasses. 

Wide range of lens options including clear and light reacting

Removable soft foam gasket helps to keep wind and dust out

Lenses up to Sphere + or – 4.0 and Cylinder + or – 2.0 Prescription ready cost: £95.00 Dixon RX2 sunglasses / goggles Dixon RX2 are Rx insert sports glasses with a wide range of interchangeable tinted lenses and the option to be worn with a windproof eye seal. Features Wide range of lens options including clear and light reacting

Removable soft foam gasket helps to keep wind and dust out

Ratchet arms enables fit to face to be altered

Rx insert lenses up to Sphere + or – 8.0 and Cylinder + or – 2.0 Prescription ready cost: £87.20 Prescription Glacier Glasses Dixon Glacier Rx are snow trekking glasses with category 4 prescription direct glazed lenses. Features Direct glazed category 4 lenses for maximum protection

Lenses up to Sphere + or – 4.0 and Cylinder + or – 2.0

Eye cups and side shields protect the eyes from glare Prescription ready cost: £84.95 Dixon RX-1 dry eye glasses / goggles Dixon RX-1 are wraparound prescription insert sunglasses with a foam eye seal to provide wind and dust protection. Interchangeable sunglass arms and headband. Features Price includes stylish blue mirror lenses

Interchangeable grey and yellow lenses included

Rx insert lenses up to Sphere + or – 8.0 and Cylinder + or – 2.0 Prescription ready cost: £79.95 Dixon RX Adventure Dixon RX Adventure are prescription insert sports sunglasses that come with three interchangeable tinted lenses. Features Price includes stylish blue mirror lenses

Interchangeable grey and yellow lenses included

Rx insert lenses up to Sphere + or – 8.0 and Cylinder + or – 2.0 Prescription ready cost: £79.95 Dixon Manteray-RX watersports glasses / goggles Dixon Manteray-RX are designed for watersports such as jet skiing, kayaking, canoeing, surfing, and sailing. Features Direct glazed polarized or light reacting lenses providing 100% UV protection

Light, secure frames with intake vents to minimise fogging

Lenses up to Sphere + or – 4.0 and Cylinder + or – 3.0 Prescription ready cost: £84.95 Dixon RX ski goggles Dixon RX ski goggles have vented, double glazed Bronze super flex lexan spherical polycarbonate lenses, the best lens option for all light conditions. Features Vented, anti-fog bronze lenses providing 100% UV protection

Soft foam gasket hugs the face and protects you from the elements

Rx insert lenses up to Sphere + or – 8.0 and Cylinder + or – 3.0 Prescription ready cost: £65.95

Shopping and Product Reviews

Silver Dress Shoes For The Holidays

Holidays are coming and you know what means tons of family gatherings, office parties, and other functions that the burden we have to drag our little self. This is the season where we need to put our best foot forward and look amazing. Christmas party for Thanksgiving dinner, it seems that we all have to work hard and basically came up with a great outfit for every occasion. But while you spend all your money buying a brand new dress, you may want to consider also buy shoes that will go with any holiday outfit: silver dress shoes. Stunning silver shoes and utilitarian way to increase holiday look. All you need is a large silver dress and a pair of shoes can basically pair it with anything. So by saying that, here are two wonderful silver shoes that I believe will turn a few heads. Or else The Best 8 Shoes for Warehouse Pickers 2020 here is another really great option for you. 

Pump Silver

First up is Paris Hilton Destiny Metallic Pewter pumps for $ 95. This classic Peep-toe pump with more than 3-inch stilettos in silver metallic dark shadow and acute accent bow fixed just above the foot. These shoes by Paris Hilton sure can be used for years to come.

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Similar to the number of Paris Hilton, which makes confusion Pumps by Ann Taylor is another classic silver pumps. These shoes retail at $ 175, can be used to a great party with a hot mini dress or can be taken to the office with a nice pencil skirt. Silver light shade and ruffled applique ‘on the feet make it not only cool but easy to style.

Silver Sandals

A simple silver dress pump is all well and good, but it’s not for everyone. So if you’re in the mood for something more sexy and radiant, so Nina Celine sandals for $ 80 is just for you. Tonight, high-heeled sandals will add a little ‘bling’ your feet with a rope round diamonds, elegant sitting at the foot of the body. I could imagine seeing these special shoes are worn for special evening events such as lavish Christmas party, or even on New Year’s Eve bash.

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Another sexy silver dress sandals are sure to turn some heads is Riya Calvin Klein shoes for $ 82. These silver shoes would bank on the high heel sandals trend which is basically keeping bare feet and ankles, covering the body from the feet. Riya shoes that do this by adding a simple slingback, peep toe, and a large silver knife hole-like material covering the body from the feet. This is a smart shoe was, because not only adds sexiness and shine, but also adds tons of texture.

As you can see, the silver shoe is a big departure from the boring black dress shoes. So when you have a special meeting during this holiday season, be sure to jazz up your outfit with silver shoes.