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Social Marketing Do I Really Need It

Not so long ago in our very own galaxy….on our very own planet,… changes began taking place that would change the face of marketing forever.

The Internet had made our globe smaller. We could send and receive information via searching online or via email. But unless we knew someone specifically, we still didn’t have direct access to interacting and engaging with specific people or businesses.

Marketing still consisted of traditional methods – direct mail, telephone ads, magazine and newspaper ads and presented a two fold problem:

You had to be able to afford to place the ad and depending on the ad size, the larger ads went to “the big boys” due to the cost of ad space

Once placed the fee was for a limited time period and being static in nature, there was no interaction or contact with the viewer unless they responded to the “call to action”

Enter Social Media Marketing. By the very name it’s “social marketing”, connecting and engaging with people on all levels, in all types of business and professions regarding the business of business. It’s no longer “business as usual”.

Social platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube – to name a few have changed the way people view marketing. They are free services to sign up with, have unlimited use, and have leveled the playing field for marketing your business or practice. Now for the first time, small business – even solo entrepreneurs – can market their business right along side “the big boys”!

But what’s even more important with social media is the access to people for connecting and engaging in conversations professionally and personally. Social media marketing is “word of mouth marketing”…on steroids!

The Internet and social media has certainly made it possible for people all around the globe to seem to be “sitting in the same room” discussing the different aspects of dentistry or any business.

We can ask questions, read articles, and have discussions all from the convenience of our computers, now even our phones, to information and people we wouldn’t have had access to just a few years ago…and the information –resources are available 24/7 – 365!

Facebook at this writing has over 500 million users with over half of those accessing Facebook daily. Twitter is approaching 200 million users. You Tube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world (Google is #1) and is owned by Google.

With numbers like these you can’t afford to not be using social media. If you and your business or practice aren’t utilizing social media and being talked about, referred by, or found online…you’re losing business!

Bottom line: Today, 85% of consumers are looking online for who they are going to do business with. They aren’t flipping pages in a telephone book, looking in a magazine, or scanning direct mailers. There’re on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google. They’re asking questions and viewing what others are saying. Are they talking about or talking to…. you?

There is few YouTube channel owner who isn’t constantly on the look for new and inspired ways to realize more views and subscribers for his or her videos. The one tactic that’s almost fool proof is to easily buy them.

But do you have to buy YouTube subscribers and views at the beginning or after a while? the solution in fact begs more questions: it’s yes and no. There are safe ways in which YouTube subscribers and views are often bought. It also depends on How many YouTube subscribers do you want to buy?

Social Media

Networking Sites will change your business

Networking sites don’t mean Facebook and Twitter alone. I’m sure that you fully recognize how popular these previously mentioned sites are (Facebook, most specifically).

But, for the sake of those people who don’t have any idea on the astonishing number of Facebook followers, allow me to give you a very short overview. Facebook continues to reign in the field of social media marketing even until now. Its billion followers can justify this site’s unbelievable popularity. Imagine how amazing the outcomes would be if you effectively promoted your business to all these followers.

Change the Game with the World’s Highly Acclaimed Social Networking Sites

Remember; we are talking about 1 “B”.

For a couple of years now, social network sites like Facebook have transformed from a photo-sharing platform to a life streaming social networking scheme that serve both communication and business purposes. Considering the fact that this social communication site is wide-ranging in scope, it can’t afford to meet all the desires of its followers. I must say, it failed to satisfy every site user in the best way possible. Boom! New social network sites start to rock the interactive world. Without a doubt, these media sites have been changing the game of networking sites (in general). Do you want to go somewhere other than Facebook in advertising your product in the web? Do you find it one of the best top networking sites; yet, quite discouraging with its being a little stuffed with people? Whether you are an advertiser who rely much of your career’s success in these networking sites or you are a business owner who does all the business promotions from your end, this is the answer to your needs. Let’s start the ball rolling. With the excellence, the people can buy youtube likes cheap. The preparation of the budget can be there to meet with the desired results. The promotion of the products and services is great at the social media platform. The spending of the right time and efforts is there. 

Below are the top networking sites that you would surely love to check and revisit.

This is one of the freshest social network sites that are designed to mimic the way small groups of individuals communicate with each other in the real life scenario. This site allows the users to post contents (advertisements and business updates too) to its group of followers. Company product promoters can definitely profit from it.

But, if you think that this only benefits business people, you better think again. To tell you, new social network sites like this give more priority to user’s satisfaction and experience with the site. Basically unique from Facebook and other networking sites, Gsrouples’ users can freely connect with all their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ friends. Here’s good news. This networking site lets you secure all your uploaded and shared files through 4-GB free cloud storage. With this, you are assured of getting back all your personal files anytime, anywhere. I believe, there is no reason for you not to give it a try at least.

This is one of the most influential new social network sites for neighborhoods. What made me say so? Unlike other networking sites, Nextdoor social requires a user’s real address to sign up for an account. These people will be grouped according to their local address. This is basically the reason why it is called such way. Targeting people who are tied to your home address is such a wonderful advertising tactic. Believe me! I’ve tried it once and will continue to use it couple of years from now.

Highly visual, entertaining, and so easy to use… This is Pinterest. I bet that you had heard of it previously. Let me tell you a secret. Pinterest is one of those networking sites that weren’t known before 2012. This is nothing as compared to other social network sites in the web. Imagine? From zero to everything? Amazing!!! Customers, regardless of gender and age, would definitely love this site’s visually enticing designs and user experience. For these reasons, promoting products via Pinterest allows more traffic to your site afar from what all those typical social networking sites can do.

Wrapping it up, there are so many new social networking sites that are capable of promoting your products and services beyond expectations. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to try them?