Bankruptcy remains on a credit report for ten years. However, the steps you take after bankruptcy can improve your credit or make it worse. You need to take constructive action after your bankruptcy case is settled.

First, you must make a point of paying all of your bills on time. As bankruptcy grants you a fresh start, making the most of this fresh start requires you to be responsible with your financial matters. Your credit rating will begin to improve when you make every payment promptly.

Second, your credit can improve further if you obtain a secured credit card. It is in your best interest to only apply for one card, and to choose one that offers the lowest possible interest rate. Secured credit cards will provide a specific amount of credit.

The amount will be based on how much money you deposit. You can apply for one at your credit union or your bank. Make sure you always pay your balance in full when it is due. After you have made several payments, your bank may be willing to replace your card with a standard credit card.

Third, if you take your financial matters seriously after bankruptcy, you may be able to receive a loan within a year. It is not impossible to obtain a loan for a car or a home. However, you must expect higher interest rates than if you had good credit. Reputable lenders will not take advantage of you, even though they must charge higher rates.

In addition to discharging debts, there are two main benefits to bankruptcy. The first benefit is it will provide the opportunity to rebuild your credit. Without old debts on your record, you will have a new beginning. A second benefit is finding credit will be extended to you. While a house or car may be beyond your reach when you have numerous unsettled debts on your record, discharging debts means a better life is possible. To help you with the process, hire bankruptcy lawyer san diego.

No one should ever attempt to file bankruptcy without the assistance of a qualified bankruptcy attorney. Even the most informed person is not fully aware of his rights, obligations, and the legal process. Your attorney will not only assess your financial situation before filing, but also afterward.

An important part of this is making sure your credit record is actually clean after your case is settled. An error on the part of a creditor can eliminate the benefits of bankruptcy. If you are like many people, you may have been led to believe a bankruptcy will ruin your credit. You may believe everything from loans to credit cards will out of your reach for many years.

This is not true at all. While bankruptcy should never be taken lightly, it can be the best solution to debts you are unable to pay. Instead of worrying about bills and creditors, discharging your debts through bankruptcy can be your first step toward peace of mind and a financially secure future. You can have a good credit rating again.

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