In modern times, there are several reasons to think about buying yourself a self-defense tool.

In this guide, let’s discuss what you can buy, and if that’s a Stun Gun, how do they work, how they can stop some attacker, and what are the things you may consider when purchasing your own.

Stun Gun

It is a kind of electroshock weapon, works via giving an electric shock to the threat. The entire purpose of an electrical shock is only to temporarily (non-fatally) disorder motor and muscle functions while inflicting pain, without really giving any injury.

There are numerous kinds of electroshock tools available across the market. Stun gun, the term quite often relates to the device that gives the electric shock through direct contact. It’s complex than, for instance, the Taser Device that gives an electric shock by a projectile with the wires attached.

How does It work?

These devices use a short burst of that high-voltage shocks to disrupt the muscle functioning.

Generally, the weapon will have a couple of exposed electrodes that are held against the attacker.

Depressing a trigger button will send the high-voltage of electrical current to electrodes, which later travels through the clothing and then into an attacker’s entire body.

How Does It Stop The Attacker?

A person who is on the acquiring end of a shock likely will not know what has hit them. The non-lethal, powerful electric stun gun interrupts a muscle movement’s natural functioning, completely damaging the foe for a short time.

 Devices like stun guns & stun baton flashlights can be that lifesaver in the unfortunate event of a particular attack.

They’re pretty safe to use, carry very little chance of causing any serious injury. So, what are you waiting for? Just go for it

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