What are subtitles?

Subtitles are text from transcripts or scripts of conversations or comments in movies, TV shows, video games, etc., and can be text at the base of the screen. They can translate the conversation into a foreign language or the same language, with or without additional information, to support deaf or hard-of-hearing audiences who cannot comprehend spoken language. Or people who have difficulty recognizing their accent to follow the conversation. 

What is dubbing?

Dubbing is the art of substituting the original dialogue on the tape with a localized recording. Re-recording, mixing, or dubbing is a post-production method used in movie and video production. New or additional recordings are lip-synced with the original soundtrack of the work and mixed to produce the soundtrack. This process usually occurs during the rewriting phase. After editing and preparing all necessary audio tracks in the sound editor-dialogue, ADR or automatic dialogue replacement, outcomes, foley, music-the mixer begins to consider all the details and record the final audio track.

Dubbing VS Subtitling

Most users who fancy dubbing over subtitle tend to be viewers who prioritize visibility. Dubbing can give users peace of mind, while subtitles usually require the audience to concentrate on the movie. Otherwise, important information may sometimes be lost. 

The results displayed are individually appealing because it is often easy to find that most prefer subtitles when watching foreign-language movies. Finally, this option indicates that the audience can listen to the original voice of the artist, and the lack of synchronization between dubbed conversation and the actor’s mouth movement can be distracting. In addition, dubbing movies sometimes involve multiple actors playing different roles, making the process unpleasant and even a bit confusing.

There is never a fixed conclusion to this discussion. For example, some people prefer subtitle overdubbing, whereas others prefer dubbing over subtitles.

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