Internet plays a great part in our social lives. Social networks such as Facebook let alone the whole internet have greatly changed our social lives. We’ve all heard stories of people meeting on facebook, but there are many dedicated websites as well which do not only let you meet new people, they even match your profile with compatible partners. These websites apply psychometric approach to find you a match. Relationship sites are becoming more and more popular and the success stories of these websites are ever increasing. And the perception that only the desperate people or weirdoes use these kinds of sites is wrong and like any other way of finding new people it involves luck and some effort.

There are certain advantages and drawbacks associated with the use of these websites, but in order to use them effectively to your advantage, you need to know a few things about them first.

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For example, simplicity or ease of use isn’t really a best criterion to judge a relationship site. When you create a profile, you have to give your personal information to these websites. The algorithm of your relationship site will work best if you are comprehensive and to the point while describing you or your perfect match.

Paid vs. Free Relationship Sites

Paid relationship sites as the name implies, demand a subscription fee to use their services. Some websites allow you to create an account without any payment but demand up-gradation to use the extra features i.e. chat, private messages. Though there are many websites which are completely free, but the problem with them is, that they are umm free. Anyone can make a profile and chances of finding someone genuinely sincere are low. Having said that, there are some websites which are completely or partially free and they are capable of finding you a good match. All you need to do is to be careful while using these websites and you should try not to fall victim to some spammer or a liar.

My advice to you is to use renowned and credible relationship sites. Websites which allow you to create a basic account for free is the best place to start your search for a relationship. Some websites offer a limited time trial, and you can upgrade if you find their services and user database worth your money. Other websites require up-gradation in order to use full functionality of their websites.

We’ve devised a list of the best paid services as well as completely or partially free relationship sites.

1. Paid Services


The Largest and one of the oldest relationship site around. Although you can create an account for free but it is almost useless as you cannot even look at other people’s full profiles. Their exact pricing structure is fairly hidden, but they have the largest database serving up to 25 countries and according to reviews and some people that I met, it is fairly successful at finding meaningful relationships.


Creating an account at eHarmony is quite a task as you have to answer more than 400 questions! But as I said earlier, it is a good thing as it increases the chances of finding a perfect match for you. Better spend time on a computer than going on a date with a complete mismatch.


A basic profile at perfect match is free and you can make a profile and search for other members. Though one needs to pay to receive messages, but platinum members can receive messages even from nonpaying users.

  • was the first website in Europe to introduce scientific compatibility to match people. It still offers its services to Europeans only and due to that reason, I personally do not know whether it is as good as they say it is.

  • Chemistry.Com

It is a sister website of It only takes 10-15 minutes to create a profile and up to five matches are sent to trial users for free. The good thing about this is, that you can gradually develop your profile by letting the website know, why the matches they made were not good enough.

2. Free Relationship Sites:

  • Plenty Of Fish (

It is the most popular free relationship site. Most of its features are free but some features require payments but they aren’t too expensive either.


This is personally my favorite amongst the free relationship sites. This is easy to use website and can be effective if you are honest and persistent enough.


It is a completely free to use website. The ads at the top can be quite annoying as they look like a part of the site.


Their services are not completely free but you can let someone know if you are interested in them without buying their services. It also caters to people over 35.


It is free to make a profile and browse through other users, but you need to pay to use their computerized matching system, emailing other members and using the feature of chat. Upon signup, you have to go through a comprehensive personality matching questionnaire which can take hours.

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