Tarot’s origins are unclear and as a form of divination it is a relatively recent phenomenon in comparison to the ancient arts of Astrology and Numerology. Modern printing technology has allowed the mass production of the 78 cards in a Tarot deck and the myriad of different decks that have proliferated in the last century. It is therefore a natural step for this art to move to the next media platform in the evolution of print. The best of the Internet is free and free Tarot online is just as effective as any deck of paper Tarot cards.

Tarot divination is closely related to dream interpretation. The symbolism of Tarot is a concise collection of human sub-conscious symbology. The classical elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air, Numerology and a mix of pagan, Christian, Jewish and Egyptian themes and images combine to create Tarot as we know it. Tarot is, in a sense, like dreaming in a wake state. Just like any dream it needs to be carefully interpreted. Learn to interpret Tarot and you also learn to interpret dreams.

Many believe that the magic of Tarot is in the cards but this is unlikely to be true as Tarot is only a tool that helps us communicate with the subconscious. Therefore if the value of Tarot is only as a visual communication tool it does not necessarily need to be on printed card. Tarot can be just as effective on a computer screen as it can be in a deck of real cards provided the usage guidelines are maintained. All 78 Tarot cards need to be spread out, anonymously, face down in random order on the screen. The reader should be free to choose any of the Tarot cards and arrange them in the Tarot spread reading of their choice.

Online Tarot has some distinct advantages over traditional real card decks. The virtual Tarot deck will never wear and tear, they do not need to be stored or carried around. Saving a reading, with notes, and returning to it at any time later is very simple, and convenient if you use a good online Tarot resource site. A virtual Tarot deck, on the better web sites, can also be interactive. If you are struggling with the interpretation of any particular Tarot card clicking on it can bring up a wealth of background information to help with it’s interpretation. This facility can easily enhance your work by providing you the information related to the necessary things. The most amazing feature that you will be able to get in the tarot card reading is that it can be performed long distance also. It is also available on the online platforms now.

If you want to share a Tarot reading with someone else then this can be done at distance. This is very useful for Tarot professionals who want to attract customers outside of their geographical location. Tarot does not require the presence of the person the reading is being done for. The customer can use an online Tarot deck to create the Tarot spread to be interpreted and this can then be passed via an email or similar to the Tarot consultant for interpretation.

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