Taoism or Daoism is a Chinese religious belief and tradition. There are people who largely follow this tradition and the rituals dictated in this belief tradition. Taoism can also be considered to be a Chinese tradition. Be it any ritual, they belied in symbolisms, superstitions, faith, belief, and celebration of life and death. Speaking of death, the rituals of Taoist funeral is all about these things. Their rituals are very different from the other religions and philosophies that exist in China.

Significance of Taoist funeral rituals

There are a lot of things to take care of in Taoism funeral services. This is because they are elaborate and comprehensive. Taoists follow plenty of intricate procedures and rituals during their funeral ceremonies. Every procedure and every meaning have their own meaning and significance.

This is specifically why Taoist funeral rites and rituals are so different from the rituals of other communities or religions. However, before organizing any funeral service, Taoists make sure to hire only professionals. X Funerals providing Taoist Funerals are known for offering the best Taoist funeral packages for organizing a meaningful Taoist funeral service.

Preparing the funeral ceremony

The very first step of organizing a Taoist funeral ceremony is to ensure the preparation of the deceased is done properly. This is the first and the most important part of the ceremony. Everything needs to be in place while preparing the body. Here are some of the steps that need to be taken care of while preparing for the funeral ceremony:

  • The professionals need to clean the deceased body properly with a wet towel.
  • After this process is done, the body of the deceased needs to be dusted with talcum powder.
  • It is very important to dress up the body of the deceased. During the final dressing, only a few colors are chosen for the attire. These colors include black, white, brown, yellow, and blue. It is usually a seven-layered attire according to the traditions.

Preparation of the sacred ceremony

  • This ceremony takes place right after the body of the deceased has been prepared.
  • A sacred lamp and candles are lighted during this sacred ceremony. They symbolize wisdom, moonlight, and sunlight respectively.
  • Some of the important items used during this funeral ceremony include rice, tea, and water. They all hold special significance and symbolization.
  • Apart from these, five special fruits are used during the sacred ceremony. These five different-colored special fruits happen to symbolize water, metal, wood, and fire.

Preparation of the funeral site

  • The professionals at  X Funerals providing Taoist Funerals choose a sacred burial site for the cremation of the deceased. 
  • At the funeral site, flowers and incense are mandatory for a soul-purifying aroma. This is supposed to purify the soul and free the spirit.
  • The photographs of the deceased are kept right in front of the deceased to celebrate the concept of life after death.
  • There are other special rituals and ceremonies that take place at this point to ward off any evil spirit from the body.
  • Different types of funeral food items are placed during this service. These food items are some of the favorites of the deceased person.

Funeral packages online

There are plenty of services that can offer the best Taoist funeral packages online. These packages are affordable and offer everything mentioned above. You can avail of the X funeral packages online.

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