In European countries, paving stones and classy pavements are always something which has been a source of attraction. Cobblestones are the favorite material they prefer to use for the pavements. The majestic and classy look it offers is what it makes perfect at the first look itself. stones a little more, we will be able to understand other amazing qualities of it such as its durability, easy to clean and replace nature, weather resistance, strength and flexibility, and a lot more. Whenever you are planning to buy those cute little stones for your pavements you have to have a pretty good idea about the tänavakivi paigaldus hind so that you may choose the kind of stone you could manage to buy accordingly to your preferred budget. 

Everything Regarding The Installation Cost…

Various kinds of pavement stones commonly being used in Europe are granite paving stone, concrete pavers, paving stone, unique stone, light stones, etc and it will be easy to choose from these lists if you know the installation cost for each of them. So, let’s have a look at the installation prices of different pavement stones

  • Sidewalk curb- starts from 9EUR/JM
  • Concrete slab- starts from 9EUR/ JM
  • Granite – Starts from 15EUR/ JM
  • Dice – starts from 19EUR/ JM
  • Granite slab- starts from 19EUR/ JM
  •  Concrete road curb- starts from 11EUR/ JM
  • Concrete paving stone- starts from 10EUR/m2
  • Clinker paving stone- 13EUR/m2

So, you might now get an idea about which choice will suit your budget. However, do consider other factors such as the color or shades, the place where you are gonna pave the stones, etc before confirming the material. Choose appropriate stones and get the best pavement company for the purpose so that no sort of damages or adversities may occur and the work to be done perfectly. 

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