Custom neon signs are the ideal gift for someone you care about on any given occasion. With a recent revival in fashion, you can be sure that your gift is not only nostalgic, but also fashionable and timely, making it a show-stopper. Another feature that makes neon signs ideal as gifts is their wide range of sizes. If you’re slightly wealthy and have a buddy with a large empty wall, buying a large neon sign is simple and easy thanks to the wonders of online shopping. Alternatively, if you simply want to give a small and exclusive gift, there are a plethora of inexpensive, smaller signs available from even retail stores such as urban outfitters.

Neon signs are both vivid and recognizable. This makes them ideal for marketing because you can quickly and easily link your product to a larger picture. If you’re trying to cater to a younger, maybe more urban audience, neon lighting will help you stand out from the crowd and appeal to your target audience right away. A single custom neon sign-board with the company’s logo or emblem can be used innumerable times. You can easily and affordably promote your company by transporting it carefully to various events.

Another interesting idea is to display your neon sign in different locations in your area. This will help to establish a local landmark directly associated with your company, attracting customers and promoting a positive brand picture. Because of the compact design of a neon-sign display, you can also put it on the side of the road (check local laws first), allowing you to take advantage of both pedestrians and drivers. Neon signs purchased on the cheap have a tendency to flame out rapidly. However, their short lifespan is often the result of improper usage rather than something else. If you have your heart set on a tiny neon lamp for a friend and you know it’s reasonably priced, go for it! It will last if used carefully at a non-industrial level.

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