If you’re searching for a path to access the Hidden Wiki, here is the tutorial for you. The Hidden Wiki is a dark website that acts as a hub for hacking and other nefarious activities. To access it, you’ll need to use something called TOR. This is what TOR is and how to get it. It isn’t hard at all. 

There are various good reasons to use TOR. The best one is that nobody can trace you to the sites you go to. It means that if you want to visit a site like the Hidden Wiki but don’t want anyone knowing that’s where you were, then it’s the perfect tool for the job. Some people don’t know about the hidden wiki how to access it, due to which they face problems, but the below details are beneficial. 

How Does Hidden Wiki Work?

There are various methods that you can access the Hidden Wiki. The first is through a bookmark. This is where you save a list of web pages that you want to visit when you’re in Internet anonymity. If you’re into hacking, this is a good way of getting the sites that teach about the techniques used by hackers and other sources of information on how to hack.

The other way to get access to the Hidden Wiki is through TOR. TOR is a tool that you download on your computer, and it anonymizes your web usage, making it impossible to know what sites you’ve been visiting. The Hidden Wiki is accessed by using TOR and entering a particular URL.


The Hidden Wiki is a great way to access secretive information using TOR. It isn’t easy to get the software, so don’t expect to go into it blind. However, thanks to the instructions laid down above, you should be able to get TOR and start browsing the Hidden Wiki within minutes. 

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