Many cooks prefer to bake the cake in a pressure cooker when there is no facility in the oven. If you are searching for the best ways to make a cake in a pressure cooker, then you are in the right place. You may think that the cake may not come out well in a pressure cooker, but that is not the case. If you are new to baking and do not have the convenience of the oven, do not worry. The pressure cooker has a strong base that is why it helps to distribute the heat evenly.

The baking of cake is possible in the best pressure cooker to have desired results. There is nothing to worry to have delicious cake. The procedure is simple and easy for individuals to have more profits in cooking food and baking them with intelligence.

You can make soft and tasty cakes in a pressure cooker if you follow some simple steps. So here are the step by step points to make a cake in a pressure cooker.

How to Bake a Cake?

The aluminum pressure cooker can be used to bake a cake well. So you can choose this for baking the cake. The heavy bottom aluminum pressure cooker will not get damaged also. You must not use the cooker’s light in weight for the cake process.

You have to avoid washing the cooker and adding cold food in it as a sudden change in the temperature can make the vessel weaken.

Step 1: First, you can try an uncomplicated cake recipe for baking the cake on the pressure cooker. You can begin with a simple eggless cake with tutti frutti. You have to prepare the batter and keep it aside.

Step 2: Utilize a pressure cooker, which is of three liters. However, five liters is also the perfect choice. This will help you to bake the cake without any issues.

Step 3: Take off the gasket, which is rubber in the lid of the cooker. This is an important step. You also do not require the whistle. The water is also not needed for this.

Step 4: There is a stand available in the pressure cookers. You can use the stand for baking the cake. It will be like a small thick plate. It is good not to allow the cake pan to touch the bottom.

Step 5: Another option is to set the cooker on a flat tawa and cook the cake. It will act as the insulation in the flame.

Step 6: Another essential matter is not to add water for the pressure cooker pan for making the cake. If you add water, it will steam the cake. We want to create an oven-like environment in the pressure cooker to make the cake. The heat created in the pressure cooker is enough for cooking and baking the cake.

Step 7: Before beginning to bake the cake, you have to pre-heat the cooker. For this process, you have to place the lid without the gasket on the cooker. It must not contain any water. You have to cook it in high heat for two minutes.

Step 8: Now set the cake batter in the pressure cooker with a tray that is evenly dusted with flour. Ensure to utilize a cake pan that fits well in the pressure cooker. It must not touch the sides. You can also use a potholder because the vessel will become hot.

Step 9: Close the lid after placing the batter. Cook it on medium heat for five minutes. Now lower the flame and simmer it low. The cake will take forty-five to one hour to bake. It depends on the size and the pressure cooker.

Step 10: Then you can test the cake with the tester, which will show the status of the cake without removal.

The top of the cake will be dry when you see it. If it seems moist, then leave it for a few minutes.

Step 11: Cool the cake fully after slicing it to avoid breaks.

Important points to remember while baking a cake in pressure cooker

  • The pressure cooker is not meant for baking. So be careful when following the cake baking steps above.
  • The high heat of the cooker will make the cooker deteriorate over time.
  • Using the pressure cooker for making a cake is suitable for a few times is good but not always.

These are some of the steps you can follow to bake tasty cakes in a pressure cooker. Make delectable cakes and enjoy it with your family and friends.

Baking and eating a cake is really very enjoyable but cleaning process could be horrible for some people :), well don’t worry we have also published a separate guide cleaning pressure cooker which can be view here how to clean a pressure cooker properly at home.

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