Blood Pressure is a silent disease which may suddenly be aggravated and may be fatal. It has to be regulated properly through medicine and change of life style.

The ‘silent killer’, High Blood Pressure is one of the most dreaded diseases. It is said that in United States, one in every three adults suffer from High Blood Pressure. Even in other countries, there has been an alarming increase in the number people suffering from this disease. If the Blood Pressure is not regulated properly, it could have disastrous effect on the life of the person. Unfortunately most of the people suffering from Hypertension are not aware of the fatal effects of the disease.

How it is caused

Hypertension or High Blood Pressure is not a curative disease. It can only be controlled through medication, change of life style etc. Blood Pressure is caused by the pressure created by the blood in the walls of the blood vessel. To reduce this pressure, many anti hypertensive drugs are available.

Are there any medicines to control?

Thiazide diuretics is one of the anti hypertensive medicine. This is a controlled medicine. This medicine lowers the pressure on the walls of the vessels. Regular use of this medicine reduces the level of sodium in the body. This, in effect reduces the volume of the blood.

Peripheral Vasodilator is another medicine available to regulate the High Blood Pressure. This reduces the force of contraction of muscles in the heart so that hypertension is reduce. The dosage of the medicines depends on the level of pressure and the history of Blood Pressure of the patient. Normally, the dosage is reduced, if the Blood Pressure level reduces.

Change of life style:

In addition to medicine, change of life style is equally important to reduce the hypertension. In fact the physicians recommend the patients that, in addition to the medicine they should undergo strict diet regimen. It would be possible to effectively regulate the hypertension through use of medicine and the change of life style. It may be difficult to regulate it just by taking medicine or just by a change of life style. Combined approach of medicine and effecting a change in the life style will go a long way in regulating the hypertension. To change the lifestyle, the enhancement of the brain is important. The pills available at the will provide the desired results to the person with minimum cost involved. 

Change of life style includes change of diet, which is free from excessive salt, reduction in the consumption of sugar etc. The patients are also advised to take more vegetables and fruits and diet which are rich in fibers and potassium but low in fat and calorie. Patients are also advised to take exercises like walking, climbing steps etc. They are also advised to practice yoga and meditation.

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