The Watergardens at Canberra is a development built by the United Venture Development Private Limited, a collaboration of United Industrial Corporation, Kheng Leong Company, and UOL Group. The URA or Urban Redevelopment Authority sold this property under the GLS or Government Land Sales program. The total site area of the watergardens at canberra is 27,566.1 sq.m. It is fairly expected that the units covered up by this house are almost up to 455 units. The allowable height of this residential development is 30-50 meters or five storeys.

The strategic location of Watergardens Canberra

The location of Watergardens is quite strategic. It is developed in the residential area around Sembawang. The Watergardens at the Canberra location is known for connecting well to Seletar Expressway and Sembawang Road. It is also within walking distance of the MRT station in Canberra. It lies along a private residential belt that is between an HDB precinct and a private housing establishment. 

Several properties from every possible location surround it. On the north, the Watergardens in Canberra is surrounded by The Commodore, another five-storey condominium. This property would be launched and completed at the same time, just as the Watergardens at Canberra. To the east of this establishment are the Jalan Kemuning Park and Sembawang Springs estate. Finally, there are the Canberra Vista flats located on the eastern side of the Watergarden. 

Amenities & facilities near Watergarden, Canberra 

Several amenities can be found covering huge acres in this neighbourhood. The watergarden at canberra shares easy access to all these recreational amenities and other important facilities nearby. Some of the nearby facilities and amenities located around this residential area. Some of these amenities and facilities are: 

  • The location of the Watergarden Condominium in Canberra is near many significant sites. One of the major sites is the MRT station near Watergarden. The condo is just a five minutes walk from the station. Transportation from this station becomes quite an easy mode. 
  • There are plenty of shops and supermarkets surrounding this Condominium. These markets are useful for grocery shopping and other important necessities. Apart from that, there are many dining outlets, children’s enrichment centres, and lifestyle shops. 
  • The sports facilities and other amenities in this area are scattered all over. Other facilities include indoor and outdoor swimming pools, polyclinics, senior care centres, gym studios, fitness studios, community farming plots, fruit orchards, beaches, and parks. There is an entire village and rural atmosphere sited near Watergardens in Canberra. 
  • There is plenty of good public and private schools around this residential area. So, they can be extremely advantageous to the families living in this neighbourhood. All the future residents of Watergarden are right within walking distance. Thus, future learners will get to experience a great deal of convenience in terms of their education. 

What makes Canberra Watergarden a better residence?

The future residents of Watergarden at Canberra would certainly enjoy many benefits when receiving unending necessities. In addition, residents would be highly impressed with the kind of surroundings this condo offers. This private residential development has plenty of necessities and facilities to offer to the residents that can come quite handy. 

Starting from the shopping centres, health centers, schools, fitness studios, swimming pools, and other facilities that are a must for any good and habitable neighbourhood. The watergarden at canberra also offers you the best and top restaurants where you can try out different types of meals. There is nothing that this residential Condominium does not offer to all its future residents. It is an ideal neighbourhood for singles and even for families. In a way, this Condominium in Canberra is pretty much a comfortable and convenient residential area. 

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