Please understand these questions and answers to be a guide only. All the restore roofing and remodeling are different. Please contact Expert Roofing, LLC of Kansas to have an experienced roofer meet with you and look at your roofing concerns.y6

Q.What kind of roof should I put on?

A.There are tons of options available, and most people choose asphalt roofing as it is most economical. Please visit our products page for more information on available products for your home or business.

Q.Why do you want to meet with me to discuss my roof? Can’t you just leave an estimate in the door?

A.As we will gladly email you an estimate or leave an estimate if this is what you truly want, realize that tearing the roof off of your family’s head is an important issue. Plus, roofing is not a cheap project. Setting up a meeting with us is the best way to get the most for your money and ensure your roof is done properly. Please allow yourself at least half an hour or more to meet with us so you can get to know us and our company.

Q.Why are you more expensive than the other company I called?

A.If you are shopping solely on price, you are doing yourself a complete disservice. Also, roofing is a highly unregulated industry in this area, and virtually any person can declare themselves a roofer tomorrow if they need to put food on the table. The other company’s price may be for a subcontracted roofing crew, too. This plays a major part in the price of your job.

There are multiple options and specifications for any roofing project out there. If you feel our price is not where you need it to be, we will gladly meet with you and see what the other company is proposing and what products and services are being offered in the contract. “You get what you pay for” is a very true statement when it comes to choosing Expert Roofing, LLC for your project.

Q.Do I have hail or wind damage? Do I need to file a claim and how?

A.This is probably the longest question to answer even in a “nutshell.” Please call and speak with us about your situation so we can help you the best way possible. The process generally goes as follows.

  1. You think you may have damage and call your agent. The agent usually tells you to call a roofer to have them look at it first or may go ahead and ask for an adjuster from the insurance company to come to look at the property. We can absolutely meet the adjuster at your home to make sure you are treated fairly. Remember the adjuster is there to make sure the insurance company spends the least amount of money possible.
  1. Many adjusters and agents will try to recommend or steer you toward one contractor or another. This does not mean that the recommended roofing contractor is always credible. It is very typical for service industry businesses to offer gifts or incentives to agents/adjusters for recommending their company to potential customers. There are many substandard companies out there putting on roofs.
  1. It is important for you to know you can choose any roofing company to install your roof. Hiring locally is highly recommended. Be wary of salespeople asking you to sign over the primary insurance check before the job begins, especially if they’re not local. Unfortunately, some contractors are just

plain dishonest.

  1. If the roof is declared totaled by the adjuster, you should get a printed adjustment stating what the insurance company is going to pay for the roof as RCV (recovery cost value). You will usually get a check for a depreciated portion of this referred to as the ACV (actual cash value) of the property that’s been damaged. This check is the only money you are going to get from the insurance company that is not based upon reimbursement. Depending on how your policy is designed, you are entitled to a depreciation (recoverable depreciation) amount to making up for the difference in what the new roof will cost versus how much the insurance has given you to start.
  1. We typically do not give a normal estimate on full insurance replacement projects as the insurance company has already stated the price they will pay. Estimate from Roofing Company A vs. estimate from Roofing Company B makes absolutely no difference how much you will be out of pocket on the project. You are still only technically responsible for the deductible. The insurance will pay only exactly what the contracted price is from whatever company you choose. There is no reason to leave money in the insurance company’s hands as they hope you hire the cheapest roofer in town or make it a DIY project. This is why we will always ask to see your adjustment paperwork so we can make sure the adjuster has treated you fairly making sure their measurements are correct and the pricing they are using is

industry current.

  1. Expert Roofing, LLC will do the job at the stated insurance estimate and file all the paperwork necessary with your insurance company to ensure a speedy recovery process.
  1. Remember that insurance fraud is taken very seriously in the insurance industry. If a roofing salesperson states you will “make money” on your roof replacement, it is most likely a situation of fraud that you may not be aware of you are engaged in.
  1. Again, this is only the process in a “nutshell.” Please contact us so we can meet with you and complete your roofing project accordingly and without hassle.

Q.Can I recover/overlay my current roof?

A. We typically do not recommend doing this as we like to start with a “fresh” roofing surface with new underlayment. We can also inspect the decking or any other imperfections after tear off to make sure the job is done right.

A recovery is acceptable, especially if your economic situation can only handle recovering a roof. The weight of the roof is the biggest concern depending on how the structure is assembled. Most insurance companies will accept two layers of asphalt only. You should always contact them first to get their approval on multiple layers.

Q.My old home has wood shingles under the current asphalt shingles. Do I need to tear off the wood shingles?

A. Highly not recommended. This is very common in older homes as asphalt shingles were not available when some homes were built. Please do not feel uncomfortable if we ask to look in your attic to see if the home has split decking. A majority of insurance companies do NOT allow asphalt over wood shingles anymore. The biggest problem is that it is a major fire hazard. The second is the old wood shingles do not hold nails as well as solid decking does. Also, hail does a pretty good job of tearing up the roof when applied over lumpy wood shingles.

We always recommend tearing the wood shingles off down to the split decking and applying new sheathing of either OSB or plywood over the split decking to create a workable surface.

Q.Do you require any payment upfront?

A.Most of the time, we will not ask for money before the job starts. Some situations when we do ask are if the project requires a material that is non-returnable or a special order from the wholesaler. Or, if the project is of a considerable amount or will take a considerable amount of time to complete.

Q.Do you recommend I try to do some of the roofing job myself before you come out so I can maybe save a little money?

A.Please do not try this. We have customers call with horror stories every year of how they need an emergency crew to come over and get their home watertight before it rains. Or worse, they call after it is too late. Roofing your own home is not a friendly DIY project. It must be done in a timely fashion and must keep the inside of the home dry from the elements.

Q.Will my roof be subcontracted out?

A.Possibly. As it is not Expert Roofing, LLC’s current policy to subcontract work, we are dedicated to offering competitive pricing in the industry if the price is your sole concern for your roofing project. A company that only subcontracts can offer much lower pricing as they have less liability and overhead. This also means more risk for you as the customer.

A majority of your roofing companies that advertise heavily are technical “sales only” companies and do none of their own application. They have no roofing equipment of their own or qualified roofing personnel. Ask the salesman what their company would do if the subcontracted crew tore the roof off your house and didn’t come back after lunch. Who would come out and make sure my home was watertight? They are strictly a sales company that subcontracts the work. It is crucial that your roof is done properly without skipping some in-between steps on quality. You should always ask if your job will be completed by a subcontracted roofing crew. A confident, smooth-talking salesperson doesn’t mean the roof will be done properly.

Realize that when your roof is subcontracted out, the job quality can suffer dramatically if the subcontractor is not properly skilled. Most subcontractors work at exceptionally lower pay levels and mainly consist of illegal workers causing them to complete the work with the lowest possible quality.

Q.Do you install flat roofing?

A.Yes. We do all types of roofing, especially flat roofing. Flat roofing is much more complicated than shingle type roofing as there is a smaller margin for error. Flat roofs drain water much slower than steep-sloped roofs and need extra special attention to detail. There are literally hundreds of different specification systems for your flat roofing needs. We install all types of modified asphalt and single-ply roofing membranes. Let us know what your needs are, and we can accommodate them.

Q.What is your warranty?

A.We give each job a workmanship warranty based on the specifications of the job. This is not the same warranty you get from the manufacturer for the material installed. We want our customers to know we are committed to the installation being done properly. We will also help you with any material warranty issues you may have if a product becomes faulty due to a manufacturing defect. As this situation is fairly uncommon, we can help you settle the claim and make all the necessary repairs for you. Most of the time, you do not have to come up with any money out of pocket.

Q.Should I purchase impact-resistant roofing or energy star rated roofing?

A.Many insurance companies are willing to give a discount for the installation of these products. Typically, the discount is only good for a period of time. Talk with your agent to see what kind of savings you will receive. It can take up to 5 years or more to make up for the difference in the roofing price depending on what material is installed.


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