If you are traveling from the USA to Mexico and planning to drive into the country on your personal vehicle, you need a Mexican auto insurance policy. Even if you already have car insurance from an American insurance company, you will still need Mexican insurance because American insurance is not applicable on Mexican borders.

Find An Affordable Insurance Policy Online In Few Minutes

There are numerous websites or mobile applications that will show you different Mexican insurance policy options depending on your car model and your stay in the country. Also, you can check different addons, which you can include with the basic plan, and find all the required information about the policy online.

Apply For The Insurance Policy And Get Quick Approval 

Once you select any policy, you can also apply for it online. If you use the web browser or mobile application, you will have to fill a form and upload pictures of required documents. A US driver’s license can be used for the Mexican auto insurance policy. Anyone can apply for the policy if they fulfill the requirements.

Mexicaninsurancestore.com is one such platform that provides you online car insurance for visitors and tourists. You can also get insurance for rental cars if it’s not registered in your name.

Customize The Policy To Add More Safety Options

One can always customize their insurance policy and add more options like medical coverage, roadside assistance, evacuation coverage, and more. These addons offer you more safety and a sense of security for a minimal and affordable price. Since there are many differences in Mexican auto laws, you should always choose to travel with Mexican insurance, or else if you meet an accident, it could prove a highly unprofitable decision.

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