If you are a parent you have probably often heard about the many multifunctional travel systems. But have you ever really considered buying one? Is it really worth the money? There are several multifunctional strollers, play yards and car seats. Before you buy one though you will want to make sure that it meets or exceeds all of the USA Department of “Transportation Safety Standards”. If it does not have this seal of approval you will want to think twice before you buy. The Sit n Stroll five in one travel system that converts from a car seat to a full function stroller, a certified flight seat and a booster seat for dinning, is just one of many currently available for parents.

Many parents say that these items are the best when it comes to traveling with your little one. They can also be very useful when just traveling from one store to the next. Although before you place this item on your registry you will want to check a few things first. First of all if it is too heavy for you to lift at the store with no baby in it, then chances are you will not be able to lift it and convert it when the baby is in it. Second make sure that converting it is simple and not complicated. Remember the whole point of getting a multifunctional item. You will also want to look at the measurements and make sure that it will fit into your vehicle easily or with minimal effort. You do not want to end up getting something that will take you up to twenty minutes to get in and out of the car.

Keep in mind that any multifunctional travel system will not be perfect. The whole purpose is to make your travel easier, so it make be a little lacking in the comfort department, or it may not be as pretty looking. But some of the benefits of a multifunctional travel system is that you will save money, time, and energy. If you can get two or maybe three items for the price of one, then this is definitely a bargain. You should do your research and locate the best one that works for you.

And remember that just because something is a little more expensive this does not mean that it is a better product. If you are considering buying a multifunctional travel play yard there are tons to choose from. Most of them can be converted from a play area to a changing table. These are great for parents who want to leave their baby with a sitter for the weekend. Always shop around before you make your final decision.

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