Generally, the stuff stored in a self-storage unit is not supposed to be used for a long period. When we move out of state and do not pack our things right, then while in storage they are exposed to a greater risk of damage. Moreover, if you don’t keep a track of which things are kept where then you might have to look for a thing opening all the boxes and drawers in the self-storage. Hence, it becomes very important that you pack and organize your personal stuff properly so that you can retrieve them in the same condition in which you had stored them.

Adhere to some of the following useful tips for packing and experience a hassle-free self-storage experience.

Use only good quality packaging material such as sturdy boxes for your valuables. This will help in keeping your stuff safe during its transportation to a self-storage facility as well as for the time period they are stored in the unit. In fact, self-storage units at Battersea and many others all across the United Kingdom provide such supplies which you can select as per your requirements.

Make extensive use of packing labels to get an idea at a glance of the stuff lying in the individual boxes. In case a box contains breakable things then duly put a label of ‘fragile’ on it along with the directions for picking up the box with a label ‘this way up.

Use boxes of similar sizes so that they are stacked securely and organized well in the storage unit. This would also help in saving the space utilized in the storage unit. Ensure that the bottom-most box is strong enough to hold the boxes stacked upon it.

While packing the boxes, keep the heavier things at the bottom as otherwise, they can crush the lighter items during the period of storage.

Put as many things as possible in the boxes to save them from getting dusty and dirty. Do not forget to carefully seal the boxes with adhesive tape.

Avoid storing stuff in sealed plastic bags as it can attract mildew. This will not only cause an unpleasant odor but can even spoil your belongings in the storage unit. Wrap your stuff in cloth rather than in plastic.

Ensure that the electric appliances are completely dry before storing them. Defrost the freezers and refrigerators and drain the washing machines.

For proper placement of your possessions in the unit, keep the bulky stuff such as furniture at the back. The lighter items or the ones that you think might have to be retrieved frequently should be kept in the front.

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