I own an insurance agency in Northern Nevada and we write auto, home, life and health insurance. As you might expect, my wife has her auto insurance through our agency. Most people laugh when I tell them where she gets the money to pay her premium.

So you too can laugh I’ll spill the beans upfront. She saves the change she receives from her purchases as well as the change I bring home. By change I mean the coins and not the one dollar bills.

This adds spice to the story because she isn’t putting aside the dollar bills, only the coins.

She also pays her premium semi-annually which means she pays less than if she paid monthly because she doesn’t have any monthly transaction or policy fees added into her payment. As of this writing, her semi-annual premium is $186.

Over the course of six months she makes sure every nickel, dime, penny and quarter finds a home in her change purse. I marvel at her commitment. It wasn’t that long ago that she would simply write a check to pay the premium. Then one day, a light bulb came on when she saw how much change I put on the dresser next to my wallet.

She walked over and counted it and asked what I was going to do with the coins. Tongue in cheek I said spend it. She said great idea, we’ll spend it on my auto insurance.

I looked at her and asked if she was serious. Without blinking her eyes, she said you better believe it and so began the coin collecting odyssey. She reasoned out loud that saving the small change we get each day could amount to enough to pay her premium. This way she wouldn’t have to take the money out of her checking account.

I know most of us have been told that saving change is one way to have more money to pay bills or increase savings or, in general, have to use on purchases in the future. I am living proof that one person has taken this advice to heart. She hasn’t missed collecting enough to make her payment in over two years.

I also know this sounds silly to some people but, silly or not, it also works if you are willing to work it. My wife hasn’t set the world on fire with any other great money saving ideas or financial management techniques. She is totally happy with the small change turning into big bucks.

My plan is to put her mind working on ways we can pay off the mortgage early. After all, if she can pay her auto premium with small change, she should be able to conjure up a way to pay the mortgage with some of our other household income.

I probably should throw down a challenge to everyone reading this article to find out what they do with their change. Who knows, maybe colelctively we can turn small change into big bucks on a grand scale.
Small Change Makes Big Bucks
Displaying Small Change Makes Big Bucks.

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