The first birthday is always a special occasion in every house. The baby has achieved so much in their one year, learning almost all of the crucial things that will lead their life further through time. When you go to such birthday parties, one thing you are stuck at is the gifting part. You don’t know which will be the right gift for the kid. Should you be giving something to appreciate the things they have achieved, or give them something to enhance it?

Here are three gifting ideas that will make your gift memorable

  • Soft Toys

If the baby is not allergic to the fur material on the soft toys, then it is one of the safest gifts for them. They are big and soft, keeping the baby entertained until the very end. If you also want it to be educational to a level, you can get soft toys of the animal kingdom. The baby will be familiarized with those animals by the end of that year.

  • Large Building Blocks

Building blocks is a gift that often brings out a kid’s creative side. Once a parent teaches them how to use the blocks, the kids become actively busy in trying to build different things on their own. You can see the excitation in their eyes when they seem to have achieved what they wanted. Often enough, these blocks are of different colours that help them in segregating and learning the difference between them.

  • Smaller Versions Of Instruments

Instruments like the ukulele, keyboard and guitar are there in different sizes for the babies. This helps the baby in developing an interest in music from an early age. It can even serve as a hobby to them once they grow up.

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