Saving some space is one of the major problems of parents in their houses nowadays. Due to the limited space available for lots of appliances and their growing family, as much as possible, they choose furniture that can help them save some more areas in the hose. The triple bunk beds for kids are starting to formulate better solutions for parents now because these do not only save twice, but thrice.

The Bunk Beds for Kids

Usually, bunk beds for kids are available in two decks, the lower bunk and the upper bunk. There are instances that a third space for a third occupant is usually a pulled-over bed sheet or a pulled-over smaller beds right under the lower bunk. There are also designs that use tents that are placed on the top bunk as a design when it is not in use while it could be an extra space placed beside the first bunk for an unexpected sleep over. These bunk beds are even made with various designed, mostly utilizing the upper bunk to play as the roof of any other types of bunk beds’ designs such as the castle bunks, and fire truck bunks.

These bunk beds are made available in many other furniture stores, where you can find different available styles and themes that you and your children can choose from. But despite your want on giving your kids that kind of save spacing furniture, how could it possibly be if their room cannot accommodate the pulled-over bed due to lack of space and yet, you have three little angels?

Triple Bunk Beds

The tri bunk beds for kids can answer such kind of dilemma. With these triple bunk beds for kids, you’ll get that chance of making them feel equally comfortable without requiring much of the space. With these triple bunk beds, the space used and covered by one unit of bunk is equivalent to three comfortable bed spaces for you.

These tri bunk beds for kids are made with three overlaying beds unlike with the usual bunk beds having only two. The middle bunk and the upper bunk are reached through the help of a simple ladder on one of its ide. There are also those designs having stairs instead of ladders to keep your kids safer whenever they ascend or descend their bunks. There are bunk beds also that do not have any stairs or any ladders but each of the bunk is placed much closer than each other, making the edge of each bunk to serve as its ladder. But these types of bunk beds are usually intended for grown ups and not for kids because younger ones find it much harder to deal with small spaces to sleep on.

Tri Designs for Triple Bunk Beds

Basically, triple bunk beds for kids are made to have much lower first bunk than with the double-decked one. This will lessen the height of the third bunk which could cause some incidents if situated much higher. The triple bunk beds are also made sturdier because it is intended to accommodate three kids now. The Narivoodid beds are the best. The product ensure good and peaceful sleep for your child and will allow their body to stay in comfort and better posture. You can buy these bunker beds online but only after knowing each and every minute details about them. Mostly, tri bunk beds for kids are made with metal for a better and sturdier frame during kids’ rough play. It can also help withstand the pressure of the weight of the three kids during sleeping or playing. The tri bunk beds are also having rails even on the second bunk to further secure your kids from falling especially when they constantly move while they are asleep.

These triple bunk beds are cheaply available on your nearest furniture shops. You may also find these through online stores that readily showcase the available designs along with its specifications and other description. With both stores, you could get some discounts depending on the offers that these furniture sellers are offering to their clients.

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