As the name suggests, briquettes are a sustainable energy source in the form of a brick. Fuel is essential for a person as it is also counted in the necessity of life along with water and food. Even for preparing food, fuel is required. People use different kinds of fuels such as LPG and kerosene oil people can find several other fuels such as coal and fossil fuels. But nowadays biomass fuels are getting popular day by day which is made by the agriculture waste.

A fuel which is known as briquettes is also covered under biomass fuel and is prepared from the process of briquetting. In places where fuel is not easily available, briquettes are preferred because they are way cheaper than any other fuel and are also available easily. People usually use wood pelletid for making briquettes which are usually made from combustible materials. While preparing the fuel needed to be transported, it is necessary to bind it with some binding material such as starch.

The Most Common Material That Is Used For Preparing Briquettes

The most common type of material is usually agricultural waste and other food item wastages. This is a very brilliant idea that is now getting popular worldwide, and people are using this fuel widely to burn and produce energy. The most common ones are described below-

  • Rice stalk and husk
  • The outer shell of peanuts and coconuts
  • Wood chips and the outer shaving of trees
  • Sawdust
  • Wheat and millets husk

These are some of the most common things that are used to prepare briquettes for burning purposes. There are several advantages of using briquettes, why their popularity is growing day by day. First, they can easily replace conventional fuel, which has been being used for several years.

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