For many women, oily skin can be a real problem; a problem that wearing the wrong make up can make worse. If you want to minimize your oily skin, you should select your foundation carefully. You want your foundation to last all day, and to minimize both the size and appearance of pores as well as helping to keep your skin from looking oily and shiny.

If you do not pay complete attention to the skin, then it will become oilier than oily. The choosing of the right cosmetics is essential for the people. There is no problem available in the appearance at social gatherings. A shiny and cool look is available to the people to remove the oil. 

What Causes Oily Skin?

Everybody’s skin produces oil. We have sebaceous glands in our skin, and it produces oil. However, for some women, their skin produces too much oil, this causes their foundation to slide off of their skin, and their face will be shiny from the oil. Adding more powder will only give your face a caked-on look, and is not a viable solution. The best way to manage oily skin so that your makeup stays in place is by combining a good face cleaning regimen and wear makeup that is appropriate for your oily skin.

Getting Rid of Oily Skin

You should use a gel type cleanser to wash your face gently twice a day. If you wash your face too often, it can cause it to dry out, so your skin produces too much oil to counter the dry skin. Also, avoid using more than one acne-fighting product at a time, because they will also dry your skin, causing it to produce extra oil. When you use toner, use toner that does not contain alcohol. Alcohol based products are usually dry, which causes your skin to produce more oil than a natural based products. Use a clay mask once a week to help clear out your pores to help your skin stop producing extra oil.

Best Foundations to Use with Oily Skin

When you have oily skin, you cannot just use any foundation; you need something that will help to cover your pores, and help keep your skin from looking shiny. Here are the top foundation picks for women with oily skin.

Nars Sheer Matte Foundation

Nars makes professional quality makeup and this liquid foundation are exceptional for those with oily skin because the foundation itself helps to improve the skin while hiding any flaws with a beautiful matte finish. If you have large pores, this is your best bet because the foundation covers well and is buildable, with a matte finish to banish shine because it will absorb oil. It is designed to improve your complexion by making your skin look radiant, and it will improve the texture of your skin with daily use. This is usually in the high price range, but well worth the price.

BareMinerals Matte Foundation

If you want lightweight coverage from a powder foundation, than bareMinerals matte foundation is for you. Because it is a powder foundation, it will absorb oil, giving you beautiful, and shine-free skin all day. The powder is a matte finish, designed especially to minimize and prevent shine and it will leave your skin looking smooth while still providing enough coverage to hide blemishes and to minimize the appearance of pores. When used daily, you will see an improvement in your skin such as better skin texture and clarity and minimized pores. This foundation is in the medium price range and is a favorite for many women with oily skin.

Clarins Ever Matte Skin Balancing Foundation

This oil-free liquid foundation is formulated to prevent shine and to give you the perfect color foundation, one that will not change color when it absorbs oil as some foundations do. Using plant-based ingredients, the formula will help to tighten pores and to minimize the production of oil. This lightweight foundation will balance your skin tone, and it is a matte finish to give you a flawless face, without clogging pores. This is in the higher price range, but due to the overall look and feel of it, it is well worth the price

Revlon ColorStay Makeup Combination/Oily Skin

Revlon is the go-to foundation for many for a reason. This affordable brand has been producing quality makeup for many years and for women with oily skin, this foundation is perfect. Formulated for all day wear without losing color, this oil-free liquid foundation gives the wearer medium coverage that helps to minimize shine with a semi-matte finish. This foundation is on the low end of the price scale, making it a smart buy.

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Makeup Foundation

Benefit has developed this new oil-free liquid foundation is a winner. Not only will this foundation brighten the look of your skin, but also it will help keep you shine free. The coverage is light to medium, and it is formulated to have light-diffusing properties to help keep your skin looking brilliant and beautiful. It has a natural finish that leaves your skin looking naturally beautiful and without shine. This is on the low to medium price scale.

Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme Foundation

This oil-free lightweight liquid foundation is also fragrance-free and silicone-free, and it will give your skin a matte finish that will last all day. The lightweight formula will not clog pores, and it will minimize the appearance of pores, so your skin looks smooth and shine free. You can build the coverage from medium to full, and it will keep your skin tone even for a polished, flawless look. This foundation is on the high end but worth the price.

If you have oily acne prone skin, makeup can make the problem worse instead of masking the problem. These foundations are the best for women with oily skin, who want to stay shine free all day without making their skin worse.

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