Accounting might not be the most interesting subject when you’re starting new business. It brings to mind complex spreadsheets and hours to search through for receipts. But your business depends on great accounting. You started a new company to make profits or at least run a maintained enterprise and you will never reach this without tools like a balance sheet, tax documents, and  budget forecast.

To track income:

 If you started a business you will most likely want to make money, and it’s very important that you have a system for recording your profits and expenses, Christenson said. The first judgement  you should  make is how you want to record these things. You can choose between an Excel document, a Google sheet another tool, depending on the complexity of your business transactions. You also need to choose if you want to do this yourself, or if you want to hire someone . You will want to start keeping records as soon as possible after starting a new business. Don’t wait, because you will regret it when you eventually need these records, and you are forced to find records and information that is no longer easy to get.Raamatupidamine väikeettevõttele

Save for taxes: 

You will need to pay taxes ad you should start planning for it. The tax laws that apply to your business depend on the nature of your company, where you are? and what you sell?. You should do some research and probably talk to an accountant to know exactly which rules to apply.


Failing to properly plan for the financial needs of a new small business may create difficult situations when starting the business. The lack of ability to secure sufficient amounts of external financing may leave the entrepreneur with no option but to finance the business by investing personal money.

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